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We Can Help Correct Your Military Records

Are there errors on your service record? Do you need to get them fixed to allow you to obtain benefits or simply because you literally need to set the record straight? At Phillip Stackhouse, Attorney, we assist active duty military personnel and veterans who need to petition for corrections to their military records.

We understand how dealing with the military’s seemingly never-ending bureaucracy can be frustrating and potentially lead to the denial of benefits you earn while in the service of your country. We can help, because our attorney is a former Marine and JAG officer and we understand the forms and documents you need to submit, as well as the information the board for correction of military records will be looking for to grant your request.

The Process For Correction Of Military Records

The process starts with the filing of Form DD-49. You must explain why you believe the record is in error or unjust. This can be done by your statements, witness statements that you attach to the form and other documents that support your belief.

As with most legal issues, evidence is key. Our attorney is a former Marine and can help. We understand the importance of creating a compelling, evidence-based application that fully explains the error or injustice, and gives the board strong grounds to make the correction.

A Broad Range Of Issues May Be Corrected

The relevant board for correction of military records has broad authority to make these corrections, including reviewing a discharge that resulted from a courts-martial. If you have suffered an injustice or if there are factual errors in your service record, we can help you with your application.

Don’t Delay Filing Your Application

You have three years to request the correction. If not, you must further explain why your application was delayed and how justice is served by the board’s acceptance of your application despite the delay. We can help you if you have valid reasons for the delay.

Free Initial Consultation

If you need corrections made to your military record, we can help. We have helped individuals from Fort Irwin, Camp Pendleton, bases throughout California and worldwide. To schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyer, call our San Diego office at 760-456-5386 or use our online contact form.