A Different System Requires A Different Approach To Protecting Your Rights

One of the first things new service members learn in Officer Candidate School, Boot Camp and Basic Training is that the UCMJ is not civilian law. In many ways, in fact, military personnel and civilian contractors enjoy a wider protection of rights than civilians in the federal criminal law system. For example, state or federal authorities are allowed to carry on an extensive grand jury investigation without the suspect ever knowing about it until the arrest is made. Under military law, the service member must be immediately informed when a command investigation, a board of inquiry or separation board convenes a matter.

Did You Already Give A Statement Implicating Your Involvement In The Crime?

Even if you have already made a statement implicating yourself in a crime, it is not too late to protect your rights. Because of the circumstances under which the statements were taken, the right lawyer can fight to get statements admitting guilt or involvement ruled out of the prosecution.