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Courts-Martial Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in the military or any other disciplinary offense, you may face a courts-martial. This proceeding could result in punishments ranging from a reprimand or loss of rank all the way up to confinement in a military prison for the rest of your life. Courts-martial offenses include a broad range of conduct from minor disobedience all the way up to serious charges of rape and murder.

Our attorney, Phillip Stackhouse is a military defense attorney based out of San Diego, California. As a former U.S. Marine JAG officer, he has been involved in hundreds of courts-martial matters.

Our firm was created as military defense law firm with a focus on protecting the rights of U.S. service members facing courts-martial and other disciplinary actions. Our goal is to prevent the ruin of their career due to inadequate legal counsel in these matters.

If You Face A Court Martial

If you are under investigation for a criminal matter during your service with the U.S. armed forces, you likely will face one of the types of courts-martial: a summary court-martial, a special court-martial or a general court-martial.

These are named in order of seriousness, with a summary court-martial handling minor charges and a general court-martial handling the most serious felony-type offenses. An Article 32 preliminary hearing may well lead you to a general court-martial.

Your rights as outlines in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) are like those civilians have in criminal courts, including the right to a speedy trial, the right to confront witnesses and the right to remain silent.

You Need An Attorney Now!

You have the right to be represented by a civilian counsel and to attend the Article 32 investigation. It is critical that you obtain experienced counsel early. Defending a court-martial is like a military operation; careful, detailed planning is necessary for success. These are complex proceedings, and you want your defense led by someone who has been there before and understands what is necessary to produce the optimal result.

What If You Are Convicted At A Court-Martial?

The consequences of a conviction can be devastating. Punishment ranges from fines, loss of rank and forfeitures to confinement and for the most serious charges, the death penalty. If the military is your career, in addition to losing your rank and position, you could lose future benefits like your pension and health care.

Our attorney has a great deal of experience with all levels of courts-martial within the services and with their appellate courts. We understand the fine details as well as the big picture, and we work to provide you with the strongest possible defense at every stage.

Free Initial Consultation

If you are facing a court-martial, you need the help of an experienced military lawyer immediately. We have worked with clients from Fort Irwin, military installations across California and worldwide. To schedule a consultation, call our San Diego office at 760-456-5386 or use our online contact form.