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Article 32 Hearing Lawyer

Article 32 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) provides an avenue for investigation of a member of the military accused of serious criminal charges. A negative outcome of such an investigation may ultimately lead to a general courts-martial.

A general courts-martial is serious and can result in the most severe punishment. An Article 32 hearing is the equivalent to a civilian grand jury investigation. The investigation should be taken very seriously, and our attorney, Phillip Stackhouse, is experienced with representing those under investigation with an aggressive defense.

Article 32 Proceedings

The proceedings begin with the appointment of an investigating officer who gathers evidence and witnesses as part of the investigation. The report is provided to the defense and can be used during the hearing. The report and results of the hearing are sent to the commanding officer who initiated the proceedings. Unlike a civilian grand jury, it is the prerogative of the commanding officer to decide if a courts-martial will follow.

The Article 32 proceeding provides many rights to the defendant under investigation and it is critical that you have an experienced attorney representing your interests and protecting your career. The investigation officer may not be an attorney or JAG officer, which always opens the possibility of mistakes.

More Than 40 Years Of Combined Legal And Military Experience

Our attorney was a JAG officer in the Marines and has handled sophisticated and complex legal cases defending service members at every stage of an investigation. We are experienced with Article 32 hearings and the investigatory process and will use this opportunity to defuse possible allegations that could damage your career, lead to separation or even confinement.

The conclusion of an Article 32 hearing will not bring about a guilty verdict, but it may result in dismissal of charges.

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