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Administrative Separation Boards

For career military men and women, an involuntary discharge can be a more severe punishment in the long run than going to the brig. If you are facing involuntary separation or discharge as a disciplinary action, you face the loss of your career, reputation, pay and future benefits. An involuntary separation often results in an other-than-honorable characterization and can haunt you forever.

A Lawyer With Administrative Separation Board Experience

Phillip Stackhouse is a military defense lawyer. In 2006, he retired after 22 years as a Marine Corps officer. As a JAG officer, he often participated in administrative separation boards and witnessed what could happen to good men and women without knowledgeable defense counsel. He found it difficult to watch careers that could have been saved had the service member hired an experienced attorney.

Our attorney started his own law practice with the goal of protecting the rights of our U.S. service members facing all military legal proceedings, including administrative separation board investigations.

Involuntary Separation Can Cost You Greatly

For enlisted personnel, a command investigation may result in the convening of an administrative separation board to verify whether misconduct or nonperformance warrants involuntary separation as a possible consequence.

You need representation the day you receive the notice that an investigation is underway. Time is of the essence. Preparation is an important part of what it takes to protect your rights. Even if you have already made a statement admitting guilt or involvement in an incident, we still may be able to improve your outcome of the proceeding.

For officers, being notified of a board of inquiry is the first step of the process to determine whether you will be allowed to remain on active duty, and with your career on the line, you need an experienced defense attorney’s help.

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