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Can you correct your military record based on a mental health issue?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Military Law, Uncategorized |

Your military record affects many aspects of your life, both in the service and outside of it. Errors on your record can cost you in your career, in your personal life and financially. You can correct those errors through a petitioning process. Although this process may be far from convenient, it is often worth the time and effort.

There are several types of issues that allow for correction, including mental health issues. Under 10 U.S. Code § 1552 (g)-(h), the law specifically discusses the following mental health conditions that a soldier may develop related to their service. If any of the following affected your record or your discharge, you may want to review your options.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its effects

Today, PTSD is perhaps the most well-known mental health condition that affects soldiers. The VA is learning more about PTSD all the time and knows that the mental trauma soldiers go through in active duty can come home with them. Left untreated or undiagnosed, PTSD can lead someone to uncharacteristic behavior and even illegal activity. The statute specifically requires that the board view claims regarding PTSD with “liberal consideration.”

Brain injuries in combat veterans

Traumatic brain injuries of various types have become all too common among combat veterans. Brain injuries can result in a wide variety of symptoms, including memory loss, balance issues, emotional distress, headaches and sleep problems. Any of these might interfere with your duties and cause you problems performing your job.

Sexual assault victims

Unfortunately, sexual assault still happens in the military, and these traumatic events can leave the victims with mental health issues that take time to work through. If you suffered as a victim of sexual assault and it affected your military record, you may have options for correcting that record.

Your record should accurately reflect your service. If an error is affecting your career, your benefits or your personal life, take the time to find out your options for correcting your record.