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Are there any risks to your security clearance?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Military Law |

As a service member, you’re given great trust in many matters and often gain security clearance. This security clearance is vital to your ability to make your living and do your work. However, security clearance is a complex matter, and many things can put your clearance at risk.

What can prevent you from getting a security clearance?

Gaining security clearance is an important step in your career. However, the Department of Defense (DOD) will vet and research you before you can get clearance. This vetting process will look at your background and search such things as:

  • Your personal history
  • Your sexual activity
  • Your criminal record
  • Your current information security habits

A red flag in any of those can halt the process entirely and remove any possibility of your possession of security clearance.

What are the red flags in the background?

Essentially, red flags that will arise in the background can be subjective. However, most red flags generally involve a criminal record or something in your personal life. If you have significant debts or an arrest record, if something is compromising in your personal history or sexual activity, if you make mistakes with information security, you may raise red flags.

What can cause you to lose your clearance?

Losing security clearance can come for many reasons. The most frequent cause of a loss of clearance is criminal charges. Sex crimes to assault charges can pose a significant risk to your clearance and security status. If you face court-martial for any offense, there is a strong chance that the DOD will revoke your clearance.

Can you resolve these issues?

There is no one strategy to address a revoked security clearance or remove the danger of revocation from your clearance. What you can do is work with a skilled attorney who can provide you insight into your options and a way forward.