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3 ways to prevent debt problems from disqualifying you from security clearance

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Military Law |

There are many factors that go into determining security clearance for military jobs. The Department of Defense (DID) Consolidated Adjudications Facility (CAF), the entity that makes security clearance determinations, looks at several factors to determine who will qualify for security clearance jobs.

Although there are many factors, the most significant factor involves debt and other financial considerations. In fact, somewhere around 50% of all security clearance denials are a result of “financial considerations.” It is critical to handle your debt problems if you want to be cleared for security jobs in the military.

Why are financial considerations so important?

It is a well-known fact that most instances of treason, espionage and other un-American activities are a done for financial gain. When a person is struggling financially or facing serious debt problems, they are compromised and are more likely to be manipulated into betraying the country for financial gain.

What can you do?

There are three things you can do to avoid security clearance problems caused by excessive debt:

  • Avoid excessive debt in the first place: The best way to show your responsibility and reliability is to avoid unmanageable debt in the first place. Work with financial advisors if needed and make a smart budget that helps you avoid living beyond your means.
  • Respond to your debt immediately: If you do have to take on debt, as most Americans do at some points, it is critical to stay on top of your debts. If you are sinking in unmanageable debt, the sooner you respond, the more likely it is that the people determining your security clearance will view the problem favorably.
  • Eliminate debt when possible: If you find yourself in serious debt, it is worth it to bite the bullet and do whatever it takes to eliminate that debt immediately. Sell things, lower you living expenses wherever possible and do whatever it takes to get control of that debt.

These are a few options to help you avoid being denied security clearance due to financial considerations.

If you have been denied, or need help in the initial application process, it could help to work with an experienced military lawyer who knows the process and can help you increase your chances of being granted the security clearance you are seeking.