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An understanding of how security clearances work

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2019 | Uncategorized |

For many people who have careers in the military, security clearance is essential. It’s not always easy to get security clearance, and there are various issues that could cause a person to lose this designation. If you need clearance, will need it in the future or need to fight to get it back, you may need a deeper understanding of how it works.

You have the right to fight for your military career. Some people who are having complications regarding their security clearance may find it beneficial to secure legal guidance for counsel on how they can confront the roadblocks that are standing between them and their career goals. If your job requires a certain level of security clearance, you will need to know what to expect.

What type of clearance do you need?

In order to obtain any type of security clearance, you will have to undergo some type of investigation. This investigation will look to see if you are eligible to have access to sensitive and important information. Your clearance will depend on things such as your criminal background, emotional stability and even your finances. There are different types of clearances, including the following: 

  • Top secret — This is the highest type of security clearance. Unauthorized disclosure could result in grave damage to American interests. This is the most difficult type of clearance, and it is only necessary for a few select individuals.
  • Secret — This is a clearance level that could cause damage to American interests if unauthorized disclosure occurs.
  • Confidential — This level of clearance gives access to information that could cause some damage to American interests if there is unauthorized access to information. 

The specific level of clearance that you need depends on the job you hope to have in the military or as a civilian military employee. If you have a criminal record, financial troubles or other issues in your life that could affect your security clearance, it could make it difficult to get the clearance you need for your job.

Your career is on the line

Your career could be on the line if you cannot get your security clearance or there is something that could lead to the revocation of your clearance. With so much at stake, you will find significant benefit in working with a California attorney who understands the system and knows how you protect your interests. If you are unsure of your rights or where to begin, it may be helpful to seek an assessment of your case.