Legal Guidance For The Falsely Accused

When you are falsely accused of a sex crime, your options to fight a conviction can seem limited. However, it is possible to successfully fight back against false or fabricated allegations.

Attorney Phillip Stackhouse represents service members and government contractors based in California, across the United States or in international bases. With nearly two decades of military and federal defense experience, he understands the challenges in confronting a false accusation. He will provide your case with the quality representation necessary to protect your rights.

Circumstances In Which False Allegations Occur

False allegations can stem from a wide array of circumstances, including:

  • Fabrication. This could include when the accuser has an ulterior motive to fabricate the incident, including infidelity, the prospect of gaining money or attention and more.
  • A mistake. This often involves intoxication, such as when excessive alcohol consumption leads to sexual actions that would not have occurred under normal circumstances.
  • Mistaken identity. This could include when an attacker is mistakenly identified, whether due to the aftermath of violence, intoxication or more.

Whatever led to the false allegation, it is crucial to immediately consult with an attorney. While you may strongly contest the incident, the accuser may be unwavering in their complaint. Involving an attorney can ensure your case gets the fair and diligent representation it needs.

The Advantage Phillip Stackhouse, Attorney, Provides

Attorney Stackhouse provides strategic counsel to servicemen and women facing allegations of sex crimes. As a former U.S. Marine JAG Officer, he understands the necessity of a sound defense in cases where your career and future are in question.

When a military investigatory body investigates the allegations against you, Mr. Stackhouse will represent you throughout the duration of the investigation. He will listen to your story, inquire about evidence and witness accounts and exploit potential weaknesses in the case against you. In some cases, a dismissal of the case may be possible. Mr. Stackhouse will aggressively defend you no matter the direction of the case, including if it moves forward to a court-martial.

Speak With A Lawyer

While you may maintain your innocence, you need the services of a lawyer to protect your rights against such a serious sexual offense. Schedule a no-cost, initial consultation with attorney Stackhouse by calling his San Diego office at 760-456-5386. You may also contact him online by emailing him.