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When it comes to security clearances, the U.S. government giveth and taketh away. If a member of the U.S. military, or a civilian contractor, has a security clearance revoked, it can end a career. For many government contractor and military jobs, a security clearance is necessary. A security clearance revocation or denial can mean disruption or the ending of a career.

Wherever you are serving in the armed forces or with the U.S. government, if you are under investigation for an allegation of a criminal offense or misconduct that can lead to a security clearance denial or revocation, you can't afford to wait to find out where the investigation will lead. Contact Phillip Stackhouse, Attorney, in San Diego or Vista, California, right away.

Phillip Stackhouse is a retired JAG officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. He knows the importance of maintaining a security clearance and has seen many good men and women lose their job opportunities because of harmful allegations that did not go unchallenged by an aggressive defense lawyer.

Security Clearance Revocation Is Decided By People You Will Never Meet

If you are in danger of losing your security clearance, it won't be from your commanding officer or immediate supervisor. Security clearances are routinely revoked for misconduct and perceived nonperformance, including DUI, mental health concerns, allegations of drug possession, personal indiscretion and sex offenses — and even poor money management or poor supervisory skills.

Mr. Stackhouse advocates on behalf of clients seeking to keep their clearance or seeking to appeal a revocation already made. This includes employees in the private sector and any U.S. citizen who holds or requires access to classified information through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Red Cross, or United Service Organization assignment with the military services overseas. At present, the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) is providing its services by agreement with 20 other federal departments and agencies.

Generally, decisions are made by administrative law judges and professionals sitting thousands of miles away from the incident that led to revocation. Mr. Stackhouse has extensive experience negotiating and working with the authorities in charge of making the revocation decision. Put him on your side right away to receive effective, aggressive representation throughout the process, always focused on helping you keep the clearance you need.

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From offices in San Diego and Vista, California, military defense lawyer Phillip Stackhouse is ready to advise you on how to overcome security clearance problems. Contact his office for a no-cost initial consultation about his services and how he can help protect your rights.