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Military personnel have many of the same rights as civilians, regarding illegal search and seizure, taking of statements and the rights to counsel – in fact, in some areas, military personnel have greater rights. If you are a U.S. service member under investigation for a criminal or disciplinary offense and you have already made a statement implicating yourself, it may be ruled out as evidence, depending upon the conditions and circumstances under which you made the statement.

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Phillip Stackhouse, Attorney, has more than 10 years of experience representing members of the U.S. Armed Forces and civilian contractors under investigation for criminal offenses. In 2006, Mr. Stackhouse retired as a Marine JAG officer and opened a law firm serving military members facing courts-martial or administrative separation hearings for a violation of UCMJ regulations.

He Will Examine Every Line

If you have already made a statement, Mr. Stackhouse is prepared to review it, line by line, to investigate the circumstances. Commanders wield a lot of power in the military system. It is not unusual for enlisted men and women or commissioned officers to feel compelled to admit guilt or involvement, without understanding that the coercion may be a violation of rights.

As a member of the military, you have many of the same constitutional protections of any U.S. citizen and, in some circumstances, more protections under military rules. When you are on a military installation, you do lose rights to refuse some searches and inspections, but when it comes to making a statement about an offense, military personnel actually have more rights afforded to them than their civilian counterparts.

For civilians, the Fifth Amendment and "Miranda Rights" protect you against self-incrimination, but normally don't attach until after arrest. Under Article 31, UCMJ, you have protections from the moment a command investigation has begun and you are suspected of an offense under the UCMJ. Protect those rights with an experienced military defense attorney as your advocate.

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From offices in San Diego and Vista, California, Mr. Stackhouse represents servicemen and women throughout the United States and around the world. Choose your Southern California military defense attorney carefully. Consider Phillip Stackhouse, Attorney, to be your strong advocate. Contact Mr. Stackhouse's office for more information about his services and how he can help protect your rights.

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