Court-Martial Criminal Defense And Federal Criminal Defense

What is your military career worth? Allegations of military misconduct or federal crimes can lead to courts-martial, federal court convictions and harsh penalties. Beyond immediate repercussions such as discharge or dismissal, the black mark on your record can ruin your military career as well as damage your career options outside the military.

Phillip Stackhouse is an experienced, dedicated and effective San Diego military lawyer who can guide you through investigations, board reviews, courts-martial, criminal prosecution and appeals resulting from any military misconduct or federal criminal matter such as accusations of:

  • Murder
  • Assault
  • Bribery
  • Sexual assault
  • Larceny
  • Fraud (alleged false statements)
  • Computer-based offenses, such as child pornography

Mr. Stackhouse had the opportunity to represent military men and women in some of the highest-profile cases, serving as lead military attorney or Lead Attorney in arguably the highest-profile, war-related cases since Vietnam (U.S. v. Ilario Pantano, USMC and U.S. v. Calvin Gibbs, USA) and the 2006 'Romanian rock star' case (U.S. v. Chris VanGoethem), winning a not-guilty verdict on negligent homicide in a court-martial of a U.S. Marine accused of killing a popular Romanian musician. Today, Phillip Stackhouse continues his career defending the accused through his private military defense law practice.

If you are facing criminal charges, a military board of inquiry or possible administrative separation, everything you have worked for is on the line, as well as a possible lengthy stint in confinement. Military defense lawyer Phillip Stackhouse is prepared to defend you in a court-martial, court-martial appeal, board of inquiry or administrative separation board - or any other venue.

Have You Received Notification Of An Investigation Underway? Now Is The Best Time To Take Action.

If you have received notification that an investigation has begun into your involvement in a criminal offense or disciplinary action, you need the most experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation available. To schedule a consultation with military criminal defense and federal defense lawyer Phillip Stackhouse in San Diego or Vista, California, call 760-456-5386 or email the law offices through this website.