Phillip Stackhouse Can Help With Correction Of Your Military Records

Phillip Stackhouse, Attorney, assists active duty military personnel and veterans around the U.S. who are petitioning to correct their military records. We represent these clients before various service boards for correction of naval and other military records. As necessary, we take cases before federal district courts.

Southern California Military Defense Attorney Assisting Applicants For Correction Of Military Records

When applications are received requesting that an error be corrected or an injustice be removed from the record, multiple actions are taken.

The active duty service member's or veteran's records are obtained. If no records are available, it may not be possible to process the application further. In 1973, there was a fire in the National Archives' National Personnel Records Center that destroyed many veterans' records from World War II. Other government agencies may also have records checked out if the applicant has multiple actions in progress. For this reason, applicants should provide with their application copies of as many military record documents that they have that are relevant to the application issue.

San Diego military defense lawyer Phillip Stackhouse has helped numerous military personnel and veterans put complex petition packages together for submission, along with legal memoranda for consideration.

Continued Assistance After The Petition Is Submitted

When necessary, advisory opinions are obtained from other service department staff elements. If an advisory opinion is obtained, it will be referred to the applicant for comment before the application is further considered. Phillip Stackhouse, Attorney, deals with all comments that occur after filing for each client applicant.

In some cases, administrative corrections can be made based on the records and advisory opinions without the need for a board decision.

If the application cannot be resolved administratively, the board staff will prepare a brief for the board's consideration. The board will render a decision which is final and binding on all officials and government organizations. When directed, corrections will be made to the record and related corrective actions will be taken by the responsible government organization. Applicants may request reconsideration of a board decision within one year of a decision if they can provide new relevant evidence that was not considered by the board.

Accomplishing Goals Is Foremost For Phillip Stackhouse, Attorney

Perseverance, skill and experience all play roles in successful cases involving correcting military records for clients of Phillip Stackhouse, Attorney. To schedule a consultation about your situation, call 760-456-5386 or email us through this website.