Representation Before Boards Of Inquiry

The board of inquiry is essentially an administrative separation board for commissioned officers. They are responsible for examining events, reviewing allegations and investigating questions of performance of duties. When an officer is suspected of misconduct or nonperformance of duties, the board of inquiry evaluates the case and may recommend administrative separation. Allegations of officer misconduct may stem from an incident or event that impacted the performance or image of branch of the military or the officer himself. Officers higher in rank will make up the administrative board.

Skillful Defense Is Essential

You may be tempted to "wait and see what happens" after being called before a board of inquiry. This is a serious mistake in almost all cases. A board of inquiry is an adversarial process. A civilian lawyer on your side can make or break your case. Do not delay taking action. Once you receive word that a command investigation or a board of inquiry's agenda focuses on you, contact an experienced lawyer with a proven track record in military defense matters.

A Worldwide Reputation For Strong And Effective Advocacy For Servicemen And Women Everywhere

Attorney Phillip Stackhouse is a former Marine JAG officer who understands the processes involved in disciplinary matters. He represents military personnel around the world. He can make sure your rights are not violated during your review before a military board of inquiry. Contact Mr. Stackhouse by phone or email. From law offices in San Diego and Vista, represents clients throughout the U.S. Initial consultations are free.