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Article 32 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) provides an avenue for investigation of a member of the military accused of serious criminal charges. A negative outcome of such an investigation may culminate with a general court martial, the most serious level of court martial. This type of investigation is roughly equivalent to a grand jury investigation, with various provisions for military members' rights.

When an Article 32 investigation results in proceeding forward with charges to a court marital, this is a critical time for the service member to have quality legal representation. A skilled attorney will gather evidence in support of the accused and cross-examine the prosecution witnesses.

The conclusion of an Article 32 hearing will not bring about a guilty verdict, but it may result in dismissal of charges.

If attorney Phillip Stackhouse represents you through an Article 32 investigation, you will be assured of protection of your rights and firm, supportive guidance through the process. As a former JAG officer, Mr. Stackhouse is thoroughly prepared to give you a strong, effective defense before, during and after an Article 32 hearing.

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