Administrative Separation Boards

For career military men and women, an involuntary discharge can be a more severe punishment than going to the brig. If you are facing involuntary discharge as a disciplinary action, you face the loss of your reputation, pay and future benefits. An involuntary discharge often results in an other-than-honorable characterization and can haunt you forever.

Phillip Stackhouse is a military defense lawyer. In 2006, Mr. Stackhouse retired after 22 years as a Marine Corps officer. As a JAG officer, Mr. Stackhouse had the opportunity to see the worst that can happen to good men and women facing an involuntary discharge because of perceived under-performance or misconduct. It is difficult to watch many good careers go wasted that could have been saved if the service member would have sought aggressive, experienced legal counsel. Mr. Stackhouse began his own law practice with the purpose of protecting the rights of our U.S. service men and women facing the harshest of all punishment actions.

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For officers, being notified of a board of inquiry is the first step of the process to determine whether you will be allowed to remain on active duty. For enlisted men and women, a command investigation may similarly result in the convening of an administrative separation board to verify whether misconduct or nonperformance warrants administrative separation as a possible consequence.

The time to get a lawyer on your side is the day you receive notice that an investigation is underway. Time is of the essence. Preparation is an important part of what it takes to protect your rights. Even if you have already made a statement admitting guilt or involvement in an incident, you are urged to contact Phillip Stackhouse, Attorney,

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Mr. Stackhouse is well-versed in all aspects of the UCMJ system. He has represented military service men and women a criminal and military hearings regarding disciplinary actions such as:

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From offices in San Diego and Vista, Mr. Stackhouse represents members of the U.S. Armed Forces and military contractors involved in military justice cases and investigations at installations throughout the United States and around the world. For defense as you face challenges from an administrative separation board in any branch of the military, contact Phillip Stackhouse, Attorney. Initial consultations are free. Learn how to stand up for your rights and about how this law firm can become your vital ally.